How Traveling Can Change Your Life!

Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos Greece (Summer 2017)

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you didn’t have to work (or work very little) and could travel for the rest of your life? Well, it might be easier than you think. This might come as a shock to you, but you don’t need crazy amounts of money, lots of time off or less responsibilities in order to travel. All you might need is a little bit of guidance, some inspirations and the knowledge in how to travel well (to get the most out of your experience). That is where I come in. I want to share with you my experience(s) with traveling and how it has become a big part of my life and how it has changed the way I live it. I’ll provide you with tips, advice and helpful recommendations on what to see, where to go and how to do it.

It all started back in the summer of 2010. A summer trip along the west coast. At the time, I didn’t think much about it but this was going to be the moment where my love for traveling began. I’ve traveled to places before with family and school but this was my first time traveling on my own terms and with a friend who shared similar interests and passions. It was after that trip that I decided traveling and seeing the world was going to be a high priority for me. I made a promise to myself that I was going to travel every summer and winter during my 20’s. 7 years and counting, that promise is alive.

Rock Climbing

Along my journey, I’ve learned there is no right time for anything. You are never fully ready for anything life throws at you. The more time you spend trying to perfect something, the less time you’ll have to enjoy the things right in front of you. Before you go off and do everything and anything, I want you to sit down in a quiet place free from any distractions. I want you to think about and write down what truly matters to you at this point in your life. What are some of the things you value? Is it making friends? Traveling? Getting a great job? Being healthy? Learning how to be active? Excelling professionally? Whatever it is, write it down and then begin to prioritize what is most important. This will give you a better sense of what really matters in your life and gives you a direction to follow. For me, keeping a journal and reflecting back on it periodically gives me perspective and insight into what is working and what needs tweaking.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve grown tremendously as a person through my experiences with traveling. I’ve learned a lot more about myself, what I like and dislike doing and how those things play a role in my life. Through all of that I have really learned that our minds play an integral part in how we live day in and day out. It controls how we think, what we do and how we feel. A lot of the times we let our minds wander and get distracted by outside noises like social media and all the naysayers which leads to doubting ourselves and our capabilities. However, if we can limit those doubts and begin to block out those outside voices we can begin to live the life that we’ve always wanted. Our way. Traveling has open my mind to see more, learn more and highlight the things I truly love to do.

You might be wondering how my health and fitness plays a role in my traveling. It all began back in the summer of 2003 when I decided to take a stand and change the way I was living my life. I was sick and tired of being bullied in school and not feeling confident about myself. I felt friends and family were judging me based on my appearance rather than who I really was on the inside. I knew something had to change and it needed to happen soon. Growing up I was always active playing sports and loved being outdoors. However, as the years went and I got busier with school and work, I noticed myself gaining weight. I knew I needed to make more of an effort with regards to my health. That is when I joined the local YMCA. A one stop affordable shop for everything fitness related. I don’t fully remember, but it felt like I was there almost everyday trying to do something active. I would run, lift weights, play basketball, swim, etc. The more I went, the better I felt. I met some great people along the way that made it more welcoming and easier to keep coming back. For the first time, I felt like I belonged and I wasn’t being judged on my appearance and lack of confidence. Little did I know, this was going to be the beginning of my fitness journey and a fresh start to my life.

World Youth Day (2002)

As the years went on, I began noticing changes in my body, friends at school were starting to give me compliments instead of hurting remarks. I was beginning to regain that confidence that I so desperately lost. However, it was not until a couple years later where I began making further changes in my lifestyle. I knew something was missing. There was still something that needed to be altered. That’s when I decided to make a serious change in my nutritional habits. They never prepare you for stuff like this in school so I had to find my own way. I began reading books, following blogs and trying to learn as much as possible from people around me. I reduced my fast food and junk food consumption. I began feeding my body with good, whole nutrients. I began experimenting with different diets and fads to see what they were all about and I was curious if they would work for me. However, I quickly realized they were all short term and not sustainable for the long term adherence and success. I definitely learned a few things from every diet I tried which I currently incorporate into my nutritional habits today.  

Along my journey, I began to realize the importance that every component played in my life. My fitness, my nutrition, my sleep, my stress level, my mindset. The term holistic lifestyle finally made sense. I saw how all of these work together and need to be balanced at just the right amounts. I’ve learned to minimize the extreme levels of any of these components in order to maximize their benefits. I want to give you the chance to do the same so you can begin to reap your own benefits. I want to help, guide and educate you to find your balance, to find your ideal dose of goodness.

I’m on a mission to travel to as many countries as possible with the intention of helping people realize their purpose and begin living the life they have always wanted. I invite you to take that first step and step out of your comfort zone and begin living the life you have always wanted to live. The moment is now. The more you wait, the more you waste. Perfection is an illusion. Seize the opportunity that is right in front of you and enjoy the process along the way. This will leave you with life long memories that you will cherish forever. Create a new chapter. Create your story. Your way.

Beach Bum

Where do I start?

Like I mentioned above, grab a pen/pencil and notepad and begin writing down things that really matter to you. Things that make you happy, things that get you excited to wake up, and even things that challenge you. Small changes can make a BIG difference.

Paying it forward. That’s my way of giving back. I’ve been extremely blessed and I’m truly thankful for everything that has happened in my life. I want to share my experiences to empower you to experience a life worth living and a life worth remembering so you can share it with others and pay it forward.

Ciao for now.