Richard Coutinho, 49, Lawyer (Toronto)

I have a high stress job, and used to have a take-out diet and generally did not like gyms or regular exercise.  As someone approaching 50, I knew I needed to change by achieving a healthier lifestyle.  From the moment I met Ivan, I knew he was a person that could help me achieve new goals and also the one that would help change my life for the better. I started training with Ivan in 2015 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Ivan adopts a holistic approach to training—it’s just not strength training, but a lifestyle change that includes nutrition, stress management and overcoming barriers to a healthy lifestyle.  I have been challenged by Ivan, but always in a way that is respectful and in my best interests.  Ivan also makes training fun, and he motivates me to do better while knowing what I am capable of and how much to push me.  I’ve always felt better after each individualized session Ivan provides.   Ivan is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, implementing his own strong knowledge base with a genuine friendliness and ability to connect with his clients.  I plan on being one of Ivan’s long-term clients.

Aloysius, 62, Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto

I am now in my early sixties. I have been going and continue to go skiing with my extended family one week each year. In my mid-fifties, my fitness level was not sufficient to go safely on these ski trips. So I started training with Ivan twice a week and I have been training ever since. My ski trips are more enjoyable than they were before. My wife and some of siblings have retired from skiing. I am still continuing and Ivan is a big part of my success.

Heather, President of Doctors Without Borders (Toronto)

I have been working with Ivan for the past two years.  Ivan understands my desire to train for specific sports such as cycling and climbing, while still taking a holistic approach to strength and fitness.  I have a chronic back injury, and Ivan has helped me achieve my athletic goals despite these possible limitations.  His constant encouragement and positive attitude keep me coming back for more.

Aaron, Actor, Toronto

I came to Ivan with very particular needs; joint pain, intermittent muscle soreness, and muscle groups I didn’t want to train. He has listened thoroughly and worked around these aforementioned needs of mine, while still catering our workouts to my specific fitness goals. Ivan is highly prepared, but also good at adapting quickly. He gives me tips and mechanical adjustments that push me to improve my technique- but has the flexibility to make alterations whenever I need him to. In our sessions, Ivan is accommodating, supportive, and brings an infectiously positive energy to each and every one of our sessions. He’s a total joy to train with.  Caring, professional, and funny.  I always leave our sessions feeling uplifted, and more prepared to take on my day.

Ivan Petrov, 39, Master Student at University of Toronto

Ivan has a genuine passion for movement. He understands all aspects of well being, integrating physiology, nutrition and injury prevention to help clients build a strong foundation on the path to sustainable, long-lasting, life-altering results. A patient teacher and a lifelong student of the human condition with an endless reserve of enthusiasm and positive energy. Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn new ways to move, improve posture, work through old injuries, improve technique or simply relieve stress and improve focus

Enrico, 69, Retired Lawyer (Toronto)

My experience with Ivan has been excellent. I have had many training sessions with him now. Not only has Ivan greatly helped me improve my fitness level, he has also helped me deal with long standing pain in my shoulder and in my hip.

My shoulder pain, which was due to torn ligaments, has nearly disappeared, owing to exercises aimed at correcting my shoulder movement. As a result, I can now do pain-free upper body strength training exercises. My hip pain has also much diminished through the exercises Ivan gave me. My hips, legs, and core all feel much stronger and more stable, allowing me to exercise with greater confidence.

Ivan has accomplished these things by close observation of my movements and experimentation with many different exercises and postures. His attentiveness to my individual body and movement characteristics has allowed him to come up with the best exercises for me. Ivan has shown himself to be creative and flexible in his work. He adapts training to the person in front of him and does not rely on a canned set of exercises. He constantly researches the latest information on fitness training and nutrition to adjust the training and advice he provides where advisable.

Ivan is a pleasure to work with. He is always personable, enthusiastic, optimistic, and approachable. I very much recommend him.

Mark, 45, Vice President of Business Development at Interface Biologics (Toronto)

Ivan has been a great motivational and inspirational training coach over the past several years that I have been training with him.  He is always prepared, professional and cares deeply about his clientele’s health and fitness level. I would recommend Ivan to anyone who has a desire to improve their overall well being as his passion for training is extremely motivating.