Ivan’s passion in what he believes becomes evident in everything he does. Through knowledge, desire and skill he is able to instil good habits to those around him. His holistic approach to lifestyle is truly unique due to his ability to listen and understand what his clients needs and wants are and assess where their current capacity is. He then carefully curates a systematic program that bridges the gap between his client’s capacity to their needs and wants. While doing all of this, it is Ivan’s character that truly sets him apart and makes him exceptional. His caring, upbeat and genuine personality makes clients feel important and valued in their own journey through life. He makes sure every session is a fun, enjoyable and rewarding experience where you as the client walk away better than when you arrived.

Growing up Ivan was very active early on in his childhood. Playing everything from soccer to baseball to basketball. He fell in love with being active and moving early on. However, there was something that just didn’t add up. Even though he was active and constantly moving, his weight began to increase to a point where he got bullied in school and name called by people close to him. He became self conscious and embarrassed in almost everything he did. On top of that, he noticed he was making poor nutritional choices. Eating at KFC, McDonald’s, burgers and fries were common options. He never ate vegetables till he was about 16 years of age. However, he never gave up and it is his perseverance that kept him afloat among all the nay sayers.

One spring after he tore all his ligaments in his right ankle, he was determined to get better. What he didn’t know at the time was that this exact moment was going to change his life forever and make him who he is today. That summer he joined a local YMCA at the age of 15 willing to give it his best to make the necessary changes in his life. He began going daily doing everything he could from running laps to lifting weights to swimming to cycling to skipping. He was focused and determined to succeed and ready to show the world what he can do. 3 months later, people began to notice and compliment him, even though he didn’t yet realize the change that was taking place. Nonetheless, he felt like he was doing something right and continued. He began incorporating healthy nutritional choices into his diet and the pounds kept coming off. He once again began to feel comfortable in his own skin.

As he entered the University of Toronto, he had a renewed sense of confidence like never before. He felt like he had a clean slate where know one knew him. All they saw was the present and didn’t know his past. It wasn’t until 3rd year University where Ivan really gained interest in training and being in the gym. Soon after, he got a job as a gym supervisor at UofT and quickly applied what he learned in the classroom to the real world. In a matter of months, he fell in love and all he could think about was the gym and how he can further develop himself into the person he wants to be. As he was finishing UofT, he applied to become a personal trainer at Goodlife and got accepted that summer when he graduated. Within those 8 months of working there, he gained enormous amounts of  hands on experience that he never received while studying at UofT. He felt poised and inspired to take his knowledge and experiences and share it to the world.

For a couple of years, Ivan bounced around different private and public gym studios learning a lot and building strong, lasting relationships with clients and colleagues. During this time he knew that this is what his purpose in life was. He knew he wanted to help others achieve their own success similar to how he achieved his. He knew movement would be his vehicle to empower people to create the lifestyle they want doing what they want to do. He knew people needed a renewed sense of purpose, something that will motivate and inspire them to live their life to the fullest. Fast forward to today, Ivan has become an entrepreneur and opened up his own business poised to make a difference in the world in how people see it and live it.

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To empower people to move with a purpose and create the lifestyle they have always wanted.

We guide our clients through a variety of movements, challenging their strength and ability to control the way they move their bodies so they can continue to do the things they love to do most.

We educate our clients on what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat to provide them with the right energy to increase the vitality and longevity in their lives.

We inspire our clients to take responsibility and command of their own future by providing them with alternative ways to think, making them change the way they feel, leading them to act in a better, more positive way and to continue this through discipline and perseverance.

We support our clients along their journey by being there for them every step of the way and providing them with the most comprehensive, holistic approach to living a higher quality and more meaningful life.


Make bodyweight movement the most universally recognized way people stay healthy, happy and active for life.

Break Barriers

  • We challenge you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Seek new ways to push your limits. We believe life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.


  • We practice what we preach on a daily basis by embodying a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We are constantly refining our skills to give you the best possible experience.

Be Yourself

  • Laugh. Cry. Smile. Show emotions. Make mistakes. It is what makes you unique and we love it.

Growth Mindset

  • We believe learning never stops until you stop believing it does. We have infinite capacity to grow and change. Always. 


  • We believe in building long lasting relationships through being genuine and empathetic with everyone we encounter. We have each others back, no matter what. 


  • We believe that in order to thrive in a world that is constantly changing, we need to be adaptable and willing to change with an open mind and positive attitude.


  • We believe in providing you with the right tools and practical  knowledge that you can easily transfer and apply in your daily life. We give you the skills to thrive beyond your interaction with us.